Have you ever heard of the term called greenwashing? Well, we are living in an era where hyper-consumption behavior is at its peak in society. Therefore, it becomes too good to be true when a company starts making claims of how they are concerned about the environment, and they want to play their part by producing environment-friendly “green products.”

What is Greenwashing?

Making such claims is one thing; fulfilling them is a different story. So, you cannot help but raise a skeptic eyebrow over the whole façade when the companies start pumping more money into the pipeline to market their products being green than actually doing anything about making those products sustainable in reality.

This phenomenon is known as greenwashing, where the companies make fake claims for their products to be safe for mother Earth. In reality, they are nothing but a sham. Even the Cambridge dictionary defines greenwashing along the same lines.

Although not all greenwashing is intentional and may be a result of a lack of knowledge or misconception of what sustainability is. However, they often use greenwashing on purpose through a wide array of misleading marketing campaigns and PR promotions.

Intentional or unintentional, either way, greenwashing misconducts have two denominators in common, i.e., neither of them does anything for sustainable clean environment and products – period.

Therefore, environmental damage continues at the same pace or maybe even worse. How? Because the companies start mass-producing so-called green products for well-intentioned customers, leading them down the wrong path.

A Whistleblower on Greenwashing

Michael Moore, a world-renowned documentary maker from the US, released a documentary film named “Planet of the Humans.” The film is available on his YouTube channel since 21st April 2020. It has merely been a few weeks, and the video already has over 7 million views.

Michael has been famous for voicing his opinion against the big fat giants in the US and around the world for misleading people with fake claims and misleading advertisement and marketing. He is famous for dismantling the disastrous US decision to go into war with Iraq. It was documentaries like these that earned him favor amongst the leftist wing.

However, this time Michael is back with his big guns aiming towards the leftist companies. Michael shot the documentary with the perspective that although companies are investing in clean energy, i.e., solar and wind, it is nothing but a spin of words.

Michael brings forward the idea; these alternatives, so-called “green companies and green products,” are as damaging as the conventional products and fuels that we have been using over a century now. This documentary has caused some ripple effects. It has caused quite a stir both in amongst the masses and Michael’s leftist fan base.

The documentary makes consumers like you and our wonder and question ourselves if we have been fooled to believe in fairy tales and became victims of commercial greenwashing?

A Greenwashing Case

VW cheated on emissionsAn infamous greenwashing case saw the daylight back in 2015. The world-famous car manufacturing giant Volkswagen admitted cheating by manipulating their software to calculate and display false emission readings from their cars.

They called it a defeat device; the Volkswagen proprietary software was capable of detecting if it was undergoing emission testing. Under those testing circumstances, the software would alter the performance to reduce vehicle emission levels.

You will be shocked to know, the actual emission levels of those engines were emitting nitrogen oxide pollutants 40 times more than the allowed limits. Such are the gimmicks and lengths the companies go to, just to make money off good citizens like you.

But that is not all; greenwashing exists not only in the manufacturing business but in various other sectors, including the janitorial and cleaning industry. Many professional cleaning industries claim to offer green cleaning services, but in reality, they are only greenwashing you and our beautiful planet.

Therefore, you must do everything to ensure that you are not a victim of greenwashing when hiring cleaning services.

Is Your Cleaning Service Provider Greenwashing?

epa safe productSustainable cleaning services, facility maintenance, and green cleaning have never been more in question than ever before. Green processes and products and eco-friendly practices are critical across all industries.

The good news is the increasing awareness amongst the consumers. However, the bad news is creating confusion using buzzwords to sugarcoat greenwashing. It is done on purpose to make a false sense of environmental consciousness amongst the consumers.

Frankly, greenwashing is nothing but blindfolding your eyes with eco-friendly claims to make you feel good. In reality, these services do not offer any real benefits to the environment or you.

What Does Green cleaning mean?

Green cleaning represents the products, practices, and sometimes even equipment that actually contribute to minimizing the negative impact of janitorial and cleaning products on our environment.

Not only that, but it also minimizes the adverse effects of these products on humans who work in the cleaning area, whether they are employees, cleaners, customers, visitors, or clients, etc.

How to know if Your Cleaning services provide Green cleaning?

Whether you are a cleaning and janitorial service provider or a consumer already using a cleaning service, here is a checklist of best practices for a green cleaning company.

  • The cleaning company should always use supplies that reduce the carbon footprint like recycled content products. Do you know using hard roll towels instead of folded towels can help reduce overall paper waste?
  • Ensure that your cleaning company is using “green certified” chemicals whenever possible. It ensures a healthy environment and air quality, plus it saves the occupants and cleaners from exposure to toxic fumes, etc.
  • The cleaning company should use the correct sizes of trash can liners. Using the right-sized liners reduces the use of plastic.
  • The placement of floor mats at the entrance will help limit the amount of dirt coming into the facility. It will reduce the frequency of cleaning, hence reducing the use of products.
  • They should preferably use backpack vacuum cleaners as they are lightweight and more ergonomic for the cleaners. Plus, they are quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners, hence reducing sound pollution, and use of good quality air filters protect indoor air quality.
  • The more tech-savvy their floor cleaning machines are, the better it is. Many modern-day cleaning machines help reduce the usage of floor cleaning chemicals and water required for cleaning.
  • The use of procedures that support automatic chemical dispensing is an ideal way to reduce the overuse of chemicals as it assures the chemical mixture is in the right proportion.
  • The trained cleaning staff is vital to all this process. Knowing their duties will help the cleaners take further initiatives to establish practices that are environmentally and health-friendly.

Green Cleaning Association is the Answer

If you are a customer who is looking for green cleaning services, you are in the right place. Green Cleaning Association (GCA) has developed an efficient program that is not only cost-effective, but it also helps you find green cleaning and maintenance services for your residential and commercial properties.

You can sign up to become a member customer with GCA, and it will provide you access to information and forums about green cleaning companies, their services, and practices. This way, you will ensure the safety of your occupants, workers, and also play a vital role in helping improve the environmental health of our planet.

If you are a janitorial and cleaning service provider wondering how to get the status of a green cleaning service, you can become an official member of the Green cleaning Association. That way, you will be labeled as a registered green cleaning company in GCA’s member directory.

Being an official GCA registered cleaning company, you will be able to get certified green products from some of the most respected suppliers with certifications from across the world. You will also be eligible to take advantage of GCA’s Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) pricing so you can get competitive rates on products and save money.

Green Cleaning Association will help you with quality customer connections to help you expand your brand and business in the green cleaning sector. GCA can also assist you on the tech-side via operation and software management. The GCA’s team can help you with an array of services tailored to your company needs including yet not limited to customized marketing campaigns in your niche, integrating your accounting software, setting up your CRM and more.

Beware of Greenwashing

Now that you know what greenwashing is and how prevalent it is in the world we live in today, it is better that you pay due diligence when choosing your cleaning services and products.

As a responsible customer and responsible cleaning service provider, you must do proper research that products, services, and procedures used for cleaning are green certified by organizations such as GCA. It will definitely help you from falling victim to greenwashing frauds.

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