Who Benefits from Cleaning Associations?

The business of cleaning is a complicated web of characters. Between Customers, Cleaning Companies, and suppliers/Biz (business) Partners, the exchange of goods and services can get messy. But each of them needs to work efficiently with the others in order to flourish, making teamwork key for success. A Cleaning Association helps connect the common goals of these people through organizing their methods and interactions with one another.

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Cleaning Companies

Cleaning Companies get cleaning jobs done for Customers. They turn to a Cleaning Association to take advantage of the group purchasing power of a larger organization that’s already integrated in the cleaning network marketplace. This includes maids, janitorial and cleaning staff, technicians, business owners, and cleaning contractors. A Cleaning Association connects Cleaning Companies with Customers, while helping them stay profitable through assistance with equipment, training, marketing, procurement, accounting, legal matters, and much more.

Through GCA, companies can access their own Blog & Forum for sharing ideas, problems, solutions, and networking opportunities. Wearing the GCA badge shows Customers that the company is part of a larger goal-oriented movement. Help with advertising the Cleaning Company maximizes ROI and assists in connecting them with specialized Biz Partners that help run and grow the business to new heights. And on top of that, Cleaning Companies can get exclusive savings from participating partners in insurance, accounting, law firms, equipment repair, and rentals, just to name a few.


In residential, commercial, and government sectors, Customers are the people looking to get a cleaning job done. GCA can help them bid out projects to pre-verified companies through compliance inspection management and research, greatly reducing the effort required to find the best deals from reliable cleaning companies. All a Customer needs to do is submit a request in one place and watch the quotes flow through the inbox from trusted Cleaning Companies matching their search criteria. We perform compliance inspection management and are sure to find the appropriate size for each company, matching larger companies to Customers in areas such as government and smaller companies to Customers such as homeowners.

Each Customer will have their own online shopping cart through our site. The cart not only helps save on costs, but also provides guidance towards the best products for a particular job. And all while also providing the peace of mind that the Customer is contributing to the green revolution. The Customer-only Blog, Forum, and Knowledgebase allow the exchange of ideas, questions, and solutions between customers. With these resources comes a myriad of DIY tips, the how-to’s of pre-screening, details about managing other tasks, and networking opportunities.

Should a Customer have any concerns about their team, reviews can be submitted to GCA accordingly for further investigation. Access to Certificates of Insurance (COI) verify that Cleaning Companies hired by a Customer are not only well reviewed, but also properly insured. Customer reviews, both positive and negative, let other Customers know about the experience for their own reference.

Biz Partners

Biz partners areanyone providing services to a Cleaning Company.From suppliers, designers, and manufacturers to lawyers, consultants, marketers, and logistics companies, these Biz Partners all provide quality goods and services to the marketplace. The Cleaning Association helps them all connect with each other and with cleaning companies that share their goals.

With GCA, Biz Partners will have access to their target audience, increasing their bottom line. The same goes for people coming up with new green ideas for product and services, who will be able to cut out the middle man in favor of direct access to Customers.

Why Choose GCA?

gca logoIt’s time to accept it: green cleaning is more than just a fad. It’s a change sweeping the industry, growing more every year with no end in sight. Public institutions such as schools and government agencies of all levels are increasingly encouraging or even requiring all new cleaning company bids to be green certified.

With everything heading in the green direction, it’s best to be prepared ahead of time rather than waiting until you’re already out of date. Green cleaning requires staying up to date not only on current industry standards and OSHA safety regulations for all cleaning products, but also on emerging trends and research regarding eco-friendly products and methods. This is added on top of regular networking and industry hustle, making for a lot of effort to keep up. And it never ends, as many aspects of the market are constantly changing.

GCA is unique among Cleaning Associations in that it focuses on environmental consciousness and well-being to help you navigate both the traditional complexities of the cleaning industry as well as emerging green trends. Most other Cleaning Associations only dedicate a small portion of their efforts to green initiatives, if any at all.

GCA does the work of staying up to date and networking for you, and promotes innovative ways for cleaning companies to convert to eco-friendly supplies and methods while maintaining effectiveness and lowering costs. In the meantime, you just need to keep doing what you do best.

Going green doesn’t need to be difficultor costly, and we can help you reap the benefits it provides without stressing about new standards. It all culminates in providing the environmentally safe products Customers are looking for while saving time and money for everyone.

GCA Membership Benefits

Free Membership

Without spending a dime, you can haveaccess toour online store and start saving money immediately. Our Blog & Forum in addition to our newsletter provide useful information and updates, while our networking, directory listing, email support keep you connected to others in the business. You will also have access to a number of useful tools and templates, as well as the official GCA badge. Showcasing this badge lets Customers know you are committed to excellence in being green, gaining their trust from sight alone and resulting in closing more sales.

Coming Soon: Gold & Platinum Memberships

With these memberships, you’ll get all of the above benefits plus additional exclusive services tailored to your business needs. You will be able to earn additional discounts, andmore effectively showcase and market your business. Online training videos will help you advance your knowledge and skills in whichever areas you wish to improve, while our legal and marketing forms, templates, and advanced calculators will help you stay on top of organization and planning. Stick around find out the other special offers coming your way with Gold and Platinum memberships.

Additional Services

For other specific needs, we’re here to help. Our membership page lists additional services available for individual selection, such as consulting, legal services, accounting services, quality control, and promotional branding. We also partner with insurance companies, equipment repair companies, and rental companies which will offer exclusive discounts for GCA’s members.

Other Top Cleaning Associations and Networks

While other Cleaning Associations do not specialize in green cleaning, they do still provide a useful cleaning network with reliable knowledge and services. Below are some of the top organizations available:

Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association

  • a.k.a. the ISSA, based off their previous name.
  • This international association includes over 9,200 professional companies in the cleaning industry.
  • Includes manufacturers, distributors, building service contractors, and in-house service providers.
  • Although not tailored to green cleaning, it does include a green cleaning component supporting initiatives like LEED and Green Building criteria.
  • Also includes the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI).

International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA)

  • Membership base formed of janitors, custodians, residential cleaners, small family business, cleaning firms, and large cleaning corporations.
  • Over 2,500 members in over 75 countries.
  • Provides professional training online, including advanced topics such as blood-borne pathogens.
  • The IJCSA also includes green cleaning programs, and even their own green cleaning certification.

American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

  • A non-profit trade association composed of over 150 member companies representing manufacturers of cleaning products for household, industrial and institutional use.
  • Founded in 1926, the ACI focuses on supporting clean and sustainable living backed up by sound policies and scientific research.
  • Various scientific publications released by ACI detailing environmental effects and risks of cleaning product ingredients.
  • The organization actively engages in legislative activities affecting the formulation, supply, marketing, and distribution of cleaning products.
  • They also make strong efforts at consumer education and outreach to keep consumers up to date.

Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI)

  • A worldwide cleaning network of over 1,000 member companies from both the US as well as 15 other countries.
  • Provides cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, security, and other services to building managers and owners.
  • Provides educational programs, certifications, publications, seminars, and data and research within the industry.
  • Works with all sizes of firms, from small family-owned to large corporations.

Some cleaning organizations specialize in certain state laws or in specific areas of cleaning. HVAC systems, kitchen equipment, windows, carpets, roofs, and dry-cleaning are popular areas of focus. Take a look at the list below to find what you’re looking for:

International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA)

National Cleaners Association (NCA): Specializes in carpet cleaning and restoration

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) 

International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA)

Professional Roof Cleaners Association 

The Dry-cleaning and Laundry Institute

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