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A GCA company membership doesn’t just help the environment. It also comes with a host of important business benefits that will help you thrive as a company that cares about mother earth. Approximately nine out of ten Americans want to do more to protect the environment.

The demand for companies like you exists, but in a crowded market, existence isn’t always enough. To really stand out as a company that establishes ethics as a high priority, you need every advantage you can get your hands on. That is where your GCA company membership will come in handy! Membership comes with many perks, all of which will help you succeed as a business while also improving your understanding of a movement that matters a lot to you.

Cleaning companies get a lot of benefits:

Get Listed in Our Directory

Free exposure is a rare and beautiful thing. Companies with a focus on green programs and practices are climbing. In the past year alone, the number of businesses that have implemented eco-friendly policies has grown by over50%.

This is great news for our planet, but it also makes your world as an eco-friendly business a little more crowded than you might want it to be. When you sign up with GCA you are automatically listed in our registry of companies that care about the environment.

From there, you get free exposure to customers that are interested in doing business with a company that shares their values.

Discounts on Our Online Marketplace

We also feature an online marketplace that is filled with eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Of course, as sustainably-minded companies are probably well aware, eco-friendly products tend to cost more than their wasteful alternatives.

At GCA, we feel it is better when doing the right thing can be easy. That is why we give member businesses access to handy discounts they can use on the items in their shopping cart on our online marketplace.

When you have the opportunity to save money and do good at the same time it’s a win-win for everyone!

Continue to Grow in Your Knowledge

It’s also important to stay current in the world of sustainability and business. When it comes to the sciences, things change everyday and important revelations can have game-changing implications for businesses that take the needs of the environment seriously.

At GCA, we also furnish our members with a blog that is regularly updated with helpful, fun content that you can use to improve your business operations.

The content is light and easy to understand, and most importantly, it is always free to our members! Who knows? You might just find the perfect tip that takes your operations to the next level within the paragraphs of our blog.

Network while Growing Your Knowledge and Connections

It’s a simple fact that the many are stronger than the one. This is especially true when it comes to protecting the environment: a movement that requires the actions of our entire planet in order to be impactful.

Your GCA membership grants you access to a large community of like-minded businesses in the form of our Facebook group. Our Facebook community is strong and growing every day, this group serves as a forum where people who care about mother earth can gather and collaborate.

The Facebook page serves as an excellent place to gather and exchange ideas, but for the smart business person it can do a lot more than just that! Make friends, network, and form important business connections all from the comfort of our virtual community.

Learn at Your Own Pace Whenever You Wish

Our commitment to continued learning does not stop with blogs and communal forums. We are well aware that businesses like yours have a wide range of educational and training needs. That is why we try to meet them in an equally diverse range of ways.

Is there an aspect of your sustainability-minded business that you find yourself needing help with? No problem. Chances are pretty good that we have a class for that, available any time at the demand of GCA members.

Outfitting You With the Tools You Need

We also make sure that you are well equipped with the virtual tools you need to thrive and succeed in a green-minded world. An Estimating Calculator & Convert To Green Calculators are, to name a few. These are included with your membership. 

These programs work well, providing you with calculations to figure out some expenses you may encounter and give you a second opinion before making certain business decisions.

These figures can then help you chart a course for your business that is sustainable both environmentally and financially!

Make Good Use of Our Reputation

There is no denying that it helps to know the right people. In business, a simple endorsement can sometimes take you a long way.

That’s where our GCA badge enters into the picture. Companies that join up with us get free use of our logo certification badge.

This badge can be proudly displayed on your business website, helping you to improve your closing ratio with customers that care about the environment.

It’s a very easy thing to say that you are a sustainably-minded business. In fact, chances are quite good that this is a story your customer base is hearing all over the place. With the GCA certification badge, you show your customers that you are different than the rest.

Your customers want to know that the people they do business with are a part of something a little bit bigger than themselves. By displaying our logo on your page, you can effortlessly demonstrate that you are part of a respected organization with a proven commitment to improving the environment. 

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