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GCA serves as a one-stop-shop for your home or business’s cleaning needs. By connecting customers with dependable, eco-friendly cleaning products and a like-minded, enthusiastic community of people that care as much about the environment as they do professional-grade sanitation, we make it easy to go green.

Bid to the Best

At GCA we understand that you are who you work with. That’s why we help families and businesses connect with companies that respect the environment. By initiating your free membership, you guarantee that the next time you have a major cleaning project on your hands, it will be handled by a high-quality company that shares your values.

Review Before You Hire

Of course, the words “eco friendly” aren’t always descriptive enough for a family or business that needs to make a hiring decision. We understand that a wide range of factors go into which company you select for your cleaning needs.

Not only do we give you access to some of the best sustainable cleaning companies in the country, we also give you the ability to vet your top choices. Using a database of public feedback, we assemble a comprehensive list of customer-oriented reviews so that you can find out what it is like to work with the companies that have caught your interest.

And of course, as a member, you can also contribute your own feedback on companies and products to better inform the entire community!


Need a little bit of enhanced help? No problem! With our comprehensive directory, you type in what you are looking for and where you find yourself in the country, and our database does the rest. In a matter of seconds, you can gain access to a comprehensive list of businesses that might serve as good candidates for fulfilling your needs.

Verify their COI's

Transparency is an important element of every stage of the process. That is why we encourage companies to upload a series of important documents as they enter our database. Consequently, as you search through the directory, you not only get access to in-depth customer reviews and easy quotes, but you can also verify important information before making your hire.

Among other things, we give participating companies the opportunity to include information on their certificate of insurance.

Request Cleaning Quotes

Money talks, right? To find out which vendors offer competitive pricing that fits your business, take advantage of our quote request service. Use the aforementioned database of certified green-minded cleaning companies to request free quotes and get your project started the right way, with all important information established from the get-go.

We believe that the more you know about a company going in, the smoother the collaboration process will ultimately be!

It can easily take professionals several weeks to get back to you with a quote. That is why it helps to have every tool possible in your corner when you are trying to make a hiring decision. Our directory makes it easy to compile data and vet candidates in real-time.

Learn and participate in our Blog

You never can learn too much about eco-friendly cleaning! In addition to connecting families and businesses with sustainably focused contractors and equipment, we also make a point of emphasizing ongoing education.

By extension of this, GCA maintains a blog full of interesting and insightful tips, statistics, and other information that will help you make well-informed decisions. The blog is updated frequently to supply you with a regular stream of engaging and useful content that you can’t find anywhere else!

GCA Forum

It takes a village to build towards a more sustainable future. That is why we have created a GCA Facebook forum where like-minded individuals can congregate, exchange ideas, and trade information on businesses and products that they love. The group is private which means that only people with a sincere interest in the topic may participate. To join, simply request permission and join a growing community that features hundreds of different users from all across the country! The forum includes tips and tricks that are designed to make it easier to clean your home or business in a way that is environmentally conscious.

Green Cleaning Association (GCA) Group

A Simple Solution to a Major Problem

The impact that the sanitation industry has on the environment is both enormous and well documented. Indeed, the sanitation industry is connected to air pollution, water pollution, as well as untold carbon waste that is introduced into the atmosphere through production and transportation.

Not only does the chemical contents of your cleaning supplies pose a threat to mother earth but they can also be dangerous for your family and your business. An estimated 6% of janitors experience work-related injuries that are strictly the result of the chemicals that they use. And of course, this is only the limited data that we have available for professionals.

There is no telling the toll experienced by families and everyday people that unknowingly suffer hardship as a direct result of exposure to toxically harmful chemicals.

There aren’t a lot of easy answers when it comes to the world of sustainability. But for as big of a problem as climate change is, here we have a relatively simple and easy step that you can take right now. Setting up a membership at GCA is fast, free, and easy. And, for someone that cares enough about sustainability in sanitation to be reading these words in the first place, membership is an easy way to make a difference with an issue that impacts all of us.


What are you waiting for?

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