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Green Clean Association has developed a streamlined and efficient program that guides you in the most cost-effective ways to obtain green cleaning & maintenance for your home or facilities.

As a member customer, you’ll have access to forums and information about green cleaning companies and their practices. You’ll also find out ways that you as an individual can make a difference.

We understand your needs.

You want to use cleaning products and hire services that minimize negative effects on the land, air, and your budget. We make that process as easy and streamlined as possible. If there’s a chance to lessen negative impacts to our planet and improve wellness in our communities, we will take it, while also streamlining operations and consistency in the processes to reduce your costs.

Your ALWAYS FREE basic account will allow you to:

  • Request cleaning quotes from registered and certified green companies
  • Receive monthly newsletters that contain updates within green cleaning & wellness, special offers and highlights among the community
  • Browse and buy a variety of green eco-friendly, nontoxic, nonallergenic chemicals at a wholesale/cheaper price and receive special discounts on them
  • Explore the green cleaning industry and get green tips through our blog
  • Understand what you should expect from a green cleaning service

Work With Registered Companies

As soon as you become a free member you are able to connect with registered companies. View company profiles and communicate with them at your convenience!

Being involved with green cleaning & wellness is being shown to boost workforce productivity which has been known to reduce direct and indirect labor costs. Our registered cleaning companies and are leading the way in green clean & wellness for facilities and communities. GCA’s green clean and wellness product recommendations are easily accessible from your distribution solution – Brady Industries.

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Cleaning Company Reviews

Quality of services must be sensitive to public feedback and the feedback we seek is always viewed as constructive feedback. Without your complaints, comments, concerns, opinion on how something should be done… we would not grow and the companies we are building processes with will not grow.

Our customers and companies are encouraged to participate in public feedback. Constructive feedback should always be business appropriate and provide an example of what the critic’s expectation of “acceptable services/product” when needed or asked to in a response.

If you are a cleaning customer, and your company just upgraded to green products, please provide your honest feedback on the products.

Online Stores Special Offers & Discounts

GCA offers any green clean and wellness product their chance to shine and Brady Industries is the prime location for green clean and wellness products. Brady has been pioneering the way products and solutions are delivered to facility and foodservice professionals for 70 years. GCA and Brady are excited to extend your portal to cost-effective green products that will enhance and improve your facilities cleanliness, wellness and budget.

Access to Vendor’s COI’s and Uploaded Documents

When it’s time to sign up for a free account with Green Cleaning Association, we allow our cleaning companies to load several documents to ease our customers on what type of company they are hiring.

You’ll feel good about hiring and buying from Green Cleaning Association’s community of environmentally-friendly companies and homeowners that share the same green values as you.

RFP and Cost Saving Consulting

If you are a business and/or multi-family property owner we can conveniently manage and help completing all the comparisons for your projects – big and small. CLICK HERE to contact us!

Compliance Inspection Management

We are working to automate linking our most current versions of our documents. Until then, please contact us here for free and custom versions.

We offer an Inspection Management software that we are able to customize towards your facilities expectation. The Inspection Management software is one of the monitored expectations for our GCA Certified companies to be providing inspections based off of our green cleaning & wellness standards. This tool is available separately any community, business and home – CLICK HERE to learn more.

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