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Green Cleaning Services are essential to make your environment secure and safe to live. A majority of health problems occur because of an unclean or unhygienic environment. The commercial cleaning market has been on a steady incline, growing by over 6.5% a year. As far as the numbers go, by 2020, the value of the industry will increase beyond $85 billion. The COVID-19 pandemic put things into perspective, enlightening people about the importance of green cleaning services.

However, do you ever think that despite the increasing practice of cleaning, still, new diseases are appearing? Well, most of the products you use on a daily base contain harmful chemicals, which make our climate toxic. Fortunately, due to the rise in awareness about harmful ingredients, green cleaning services are gaining popularity. More people than ever are choosing cleaning environmentally preferableorganic products.

However, most of these products only claim to be eco-friendly, which is why you need to gain more knowledge to pick non-toxic items.

Here you can learn about green cleaning services and the reasons why you should opt for them:

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What Are Green Cleaning Services?

“Green cleaning” encompasses cleaning methods and products with environmentally preferable ingredients and procedures that aim to promote human health and safeguard the environment. Professional cleaning services use products that leave a limited footprint, not posing a risk to the environment or to human health and wildlife. As a consumer, you have to actively seek out cleaning products that contain non-toxic ingredients. Rest assured, you do not have to compromise on quality or performance when you go the environmentally preferable route.

Green cleaning services also involve the way companies produce, package, and distribute industrial and residential cleaning products. If the products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, you can call them “green” or “eco-friendly”.

What Are Green Cleaning Products?

Green cleaning products are non-toxic and organic. In an ideal world, you may be able to distinguish between toxic and natural products. However, in the real world, that is not the case, assessing green cleaning products is not easy at all. This reason is why many people are opting for commercial cleaning services as compared to taking the DIY approach.

People fail to get the right product because of the following reasons:

  1. Greenwashing spread in the market like a fire. Companies use vague marketing terms, such as “eco-friendly” or “natural”, to attract customers. These terms are rampant in the field, which forced FTC to issue the guidance against making environmental benefits claims.
  2. Many companies do not reveal all the ingredients in their products, which makes it difficult for people to know if they are using any toxic chemicals. Even if the companies disclose all the elements in the product, people do not have knowledge of most of the harmful ingredients. They buy cleaning products by considering them as non-toxic.

Identifying Safe Products

The cleaning products industry has been increasing constantly. 2017 saw a 2.5% increase in the revenue from cleaning products, and you will see an increase in this field in the coming years.

However, with the rise up in the market, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more chances of you getting harmful cleaning products. Look for third-party data about green products that you can choose to be on the safe side. You can purchase products that have third-party certifications. Some most common certificates are:

  1. green sealGreen Seal: Manufacturers have been using this since 1989. It is an original green cleaning certificate and includes an evaluation of all the ingredients in the products, and meets international standards.
  2. Safer Choice: This certification mandates that manufacturers have to disclose all the ingredients they add to their products. Additional information on the label includes potential environmental and human hazards. As a result, products certified Safer Choice are safe to use and deliver optimal performance.
  3. Ecology: The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) issues this certificate. This company maintains the safety standards of products.

Why Do You Need Green Cleaning Services?

eco friendlyCommercial cleaning services are not only crucial for better human health and an eco-friendly environment, but they also help you reduce your daily workload. According to AAA Building Cleaning, daily productivity reduces by 5% because of an unclean environment. Therefore, a clean environment is directly proportional to an increase in productivity.

Some of the primary reasons why you need green cleaning services are:

  • Breathe Better

Indoor air pollution is more harmful to you than outdoor pollution. This means you can suffer from health problems that occur because of air due to the pollution in your own home.

  • Stay Safe

Cleaning products contain many harmful elements, such as ammonia and phenol. Therefore, you are better off hiring professional commercial cleaning services for the job. The fumes from cleaning products are harmful not only to the environment for your health as well. This is the last thing you want when you are sanitizing and disinfecting your workplace.

  • Safer Environment to Live

Green cleaning does not incorporate any elements that emit toxic chemicals during production. Moreover, these products do not contain fuel, which is another benefit to the environment.

Switching to Green Cleaning Products

It is important to switch to green cleaning products. Your action will serve you better and longer lifespan. If you want to get into action and replace all the harmful chemicals in your home or office, first find all the cleaning items hiding. In fact, the better option is hiring professionals for the cleaning job.

If you do not know the natural elements, check whether these products have any of the certifications as mentioned earlier. Only opt for certified items in your home or office. Throw away products that contain toxic chemicals.

Bottom Line

Keeping your home and office clean (since the home is the office for many people during the pandemic) is crucial to ensuring optimal health and productivity. Use products that are safe to the environment and at the same time, help you stay safe while Coronavirus passes over.


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