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If you are in the position of wondering how to hire employees for my cleaning business, chances are that things are going well. You’re busy. You’re successful. But you’re also probably a little nervous. Bringing someone else in the fold can be intimidating for a lot of reasons.

The scariest thing about figuring out how to hire employees for my cleaning business is all the unknowns. In this article, we work to demystify the process a little bit by shedding some light on how to hire cleaning staff.

How to Hire Employees for My Cleaning Business


Below you will find our detailed guide on how to hire employees for your cleaning business. Enjoy!

Fears to Overcome

As you look to expand your team, there are probably several fears you will need to contend with. What if I can’t find someone good? What if the quality of my brand suffers? So on and so forth. These are actually very legitimate fears, but there are also easy solutions.

The quality of your hire will likely be similar to the quality of your hiring process. Start by creating a high-quality ad, and be sure to put it in the right places. Local newspapers/chamber of commerces , online job recruitment platforms such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, worship house bulletins, are decent places to look for candidates.

You may also find good luck using social media channels like Facebook to harvest talent. The interview process will be a good opportunity to get a better understanding of the candidates. Are they friendly? Punctual? Do they make eye contact?

Hopefully, a few good interviews will be enough to overcome some of your fears. However, if it isn’t, just remember that no one is going to show up at your door completely perfect for the job. Once you find someone with the right qualities, you can always mold them into the ideal employee with training.

Traits to Look For

Those in the cleaning industry have a surprisingly intimate relationship with their clients. Whether you service the residential or industrial niche, your job is to spend a significant amount of time sifting through people’s personal spaces and items.

Naturally, there are certain qualities your clients will expect from anyone that shows up at their door. As you think about how to hire employees for my cleaning business, look for traits that are important to your daily operations.

  • Punctuality: Naturally, you need someone who is arriving to work on time every day. 73% of Americans will walk away from a business after one or two bad experiences. Chronic tardiness more than falls into that category. You may get away with it once or twice, but if the problem persists, your relationship with the client probably won’t.
  • Friendly: It’s not always easy opening the door for a stranger. About 70% of Americans have a very hard time trusting strangers. Imagine how they might feel about letting one into their house to touch their things. Make sure your staff is kind and friendly.
  • Effective: Perhaps most importantly, they also have to be good at the job. Much of this can be accomplished with training. However, you still need to find candidates with a good work ethic.

Multiplying Yourself

Naturally, as you try to figure out how to hire employees for my cleaning business, what you really want is more people like you. Not only does finding more people like yourself help ensure quality control, but it also creates a tone that your business can be known for.

Customers should know that anyone showing up at their home will be friendly, respectful, and skilled. You can guarantee this is the case by hiring people that bring the same level of enthusiasm to the job that you do.

But how do you find someone that treats your business the same way you do? For one thing, you should probably go in with the expectation that a dream candidate may be hard to find. To find the best fit, you will probably need to be patient. You will also need to understand that few if any candidates will be perfect when they show up at your door.

Rather than waiting for a clone of yourself to answer the ad, look for someone reliable and friendly. Then, craft a training program that will help bring their potential to the next level.

Obstacles and Pitfalls

While you figure out how to hire employees for my cleaning business, keep in mind that there will be pitfalls.

  • Bad interviews: Not every one that answers your ad will be a good fit. Don’t get discouraged! The right person is out there.
  • The Learning Curve: The person you hire will probably make mistakes at first. Much of the time, you can chalk these errors up to the learning curve. An error or two doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision.
  • Employee Turnover: No one sticks around forever! Even a dream hire will likely move on eventually. Sad though it may be to lose a valued employee, let the loss inform your future hires. Use what you learned to find the right replacement candidate.

Minimizing Liability

Naturally, avoiding risk in the first place is the best way to minimize liability. Indeed, this is a large reason why it is so important to figure out how to hire employees for my cleaning business. The right candidate will be responsible enough to minimize much of your risk.

A good training program will further help reduce the risk of liability. However, even if everyone does everything right, there is still always the risk of property damage or injury. Make sure that your insurance covers not just you, but all of your employees.

How to Hire Employees for My Cleaning Business: Conclusion

Hopefully, you have now figured out how to hire employees for my cleaning process. Though daunting at first, the process doesn’t have to be hard. Make a good ad, hold interviews, and train the right person well.

Everything else will fall into place!


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