How to Market Cleaning Business

People often wonder how to market a cleaning business. However, it’s not a difficult task. The marketing strategies and rules are the same as the other businesses. The primary purpose of a marketing campaign is to attract customers, build their trust in you, and increase your credibility in the market. Once you do all these three things, you are ready to beat your competitors.

There are different ways to launch your cleaning company in the market. You can use electronic media, digital space, and print media to catch your target audience’s eyes. However, the most effective way is digital marketing, which is pretty common nowadays.

In this article, we pinpoint the best methods on how to market a cleaning company and attract new customers and hold recent ones. Make sure to use all the following ways to make your name in the market.

· Point Out What Makes Your Different

It’s crucial to advertise your quality or uniqueness to the customer in this crowded market. Customers are more attracted to the company that has something different to offer, which other cleaning firms don’t have. In this case, you can start by assessing your competitive company. Check what they are doing that is distinctive. How they are spreading their message and how they are doing their work.

Use digital platforms, online reviews, and website reviews to know what their customers are saying. Also, try to understand what services they are not giving? In the case of cleaning services, it can include a lack of emphasis on green cleaning products and flexible cleaning timings.

Once you have all the information, build your services in such a way that you can give something new to your customers. Next, market your different services through different marketing strategies, like email marketing and digital marketing. You can start your blog and address how you are different from others. Also, give information about your team on your website so that customers can know with whom they are dealing. This helps to build their connection with you.

· Stick to Your Specialty

You may always wonder how to market your cleaning business? The best way to attract the target audience is to know your specialty and stick to that rareness.

eco friendlyYou will get success as a cleaner because of the quality of your services, whether you have expertise in a specialized area, such as cleaning carpets or porcelain, or simply providing friendly and efficient service. Specialized services and equipment are only worth giving if the company has access to the necessary resources or have the experience. However, training, equipment, and other expenses might cause you more than your cleaning revenue.

When you get enough experience and have revenue, you can offer specialized services, including eco-friendly cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning, and grout and tile cleaning.

· Focus on Customer’s Benefits Not Your Services

It’s a marketing rule to sell the benefits, not the services. If you sell the benefits of your cleaning services, people consider you as their helper.

This means you don’t need to emphasize your features in your advertisements. Features like low prices, weekly clean, or window cleaning should not be the stars in your ads. Think about what your customers want? Do they want low-cost cleaning, which is not even promising, or they want a nice and tidy home without lifting their finger?

Most customers want the following things from cleaning companies:

  • A nice and tidy home
  • At a great value
  • Without making any effort

Customers usually don’t want low-cost services if they do not get their desired results in the end. They want a service that not only does the specific work but also gives benefits in other ways. For example, they do not have to do any work, they get a clean house in an hour, or they get free estimations and flexible timings. These are the aspects that attract more audiences.

· Use Social Media for Your Brand Marketing

The answer to how to market a cleaning business in this time of technology is using social media platforms effectively. Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are wonderful channels to connect with people and promote your business, no matter what your company is. Almost every popular and successful brand is marketing their corporation on these platforms. This is because people spend more time on mobile, laptops, and computers than on other things, which makes them more accessible through technology.

Moreover, there are so many methods to use social made effectively to market your services. You can use them to keep your customer up to date or as a tool to catch the eyes of new customers. To be effective, keep your content short and relevant. Also, use some illustrations and videos. They have a significant impact on people.

· Reward Customers for Promoting Your Brand

You may always hear from your peers about different companies. Many consumers rely on recommendations from friends and family when it comes to buying a product or service. This is the marketing strategy of these companies to gain the trust of people in various ways.

So, why will people recommend your brand to their peers and family? How to market your cleaning business? It’s easy. Give your customers an incentive when they advocate your cleaning company to their family and friends. For example, you can give them 20% off or two-hour free services when they push their three friends to sign up.

This way, you can win the trust of your existing customers and also attract potential customers. It will help you build a loyal customer base.

· Mark Your Presence on Digital Space

Digital marketing is an excellent tool to spread awareness about any business. You can use geo-target ads that use specific customer profiles in your regions to market your cleaning business. In this case, you can do paid advertisements on Facebook, Yelp, Google, Instagram, and others.

If you don’t have an idea of how you can execute this effectively, you should consult any digital advertising specialist who can do marketing for your cleaning company. Moreover, do remember that if you want to carry out digital marketing, you must build your website or at least a landing page for your audience to see something when they click on your advertisement. You can create it by yourself or hire some freelancers to do this on your behalf.

· Use Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is now an old method. Almost every kind of business has been using it for years. You may be doing it, but the chances are that you might be doing it wrong. Email marketing campaigns should be well developed; you must segment your emails for your different types of customers. You can’t send the same newsletter to all kinds of customers. Make sure to personalize your customer service emails.

You can also set up automatic email campaigns. People take it as challenging, but email automation is easier more than you think. Also, it’s an effective way to convert your viewer into your customer or to push your recent customer to do repeat business with you.

Make sure to keep the content of email short, and it should not have sales language. Also, try to give some kind of exclusive information that can help your customers.

· Increase Your Network

Networking can do wonders for promoting your cleaning company’s name and your services. These days, it is pretty common to find groups specifically related to your business, industry, or niche; you just need to search for them. Try to find networking groups for your type of business, services, and location on LinkedIn, Alignable, and Facebook. Moreover, if you are looking for a local event for business owners and professionals like you, then hunt local networking events on MeetUp, Eventbrite, and join local chambers of commerce.

Also, focus on meeting your target audience or dream customers in these events instead of just focusing on entrepreneurs in events. These events offer you the opportunity to meet different types of people and learn how to market your cleaning business and what services can win the customer’s heart.

Bottom Line

Now you know how to market a cleaning business. Marketing is the main ingredient that makes your company successful. Every company needs to do marketing to spread awareness about their presence in the world. Without marketing, people will not know about your brand, and if they not, how can they buy your services or products. Hence, it’s essential to focus on your marketing strategies to draw your target audience’s attention to yourself.

So start marketing by following the ways mentioned above. If you don’t know how to do it effectively, hire someone to devise, and run an effective marketing campaign for you.


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