Our Mission

Green Cleaning Association’s Mission:

To improve tomorrow, together today through completely eliminating the human carbon footprint created by the cleaning industry while providing a more presentable, clean and sanitary environment for all.

Our Vision

Our community brings customers, cleaning companies and business partners together to support green cleaning & wellness. As every industry grows independently – and each facility requires its unique attention – our formulary for operations seamlessly adapts to any change. By involving all stake-holders, we are navigating processes and products around green cleaning & wellness that delivers positive impacts to the environment and communities.

We have created a place where every member of any community can search for green cleaning products and connect with professionals who share their same values. GCA was created to help companies and facilities seamlessly convert away from environmentally impactful products and utilize programs that drive efficiency and delivery in cleaning services.

For green cleaning companies and biz-partners, give them a site where they can shine. When you support green clean & wellness, GCA allows cleaning companies and biz-partners to open themselves to customers through our directory – customers who are looking for these exact products and services.

We see GCA as a community where customers, cleaning companies and biz-partners can connect, ask questions and learn from one another.

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