TruShot 2.0 Restroom Cleaner



The TruShot 2.0 Restroom Cleaner is perfect for removing built-up soap grime, limescale, oils, and other types of filth from all surfaces commonly found in restrooms, including vanity sinks, toilet seats and bowls, tile floors, countertops, faucets, shelves and cabinets, door handles, mirrors, shower walls and doors, and more.

The 10 fl. oz. handy and portable cartridge contains an integrated metering system and is compatible with the TruShot 2.0 Trigger Dispenser. The product is EcoLogo certified and meets health, formulation, and environmental standards.


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(TruShot 2.0 Restroom Cleaner)
Safety Date Sheet (SDS)


(TruShot 2.0 Restroom Cleaner)
Information Sheet


Four 10 fl. oz. cartridges per case; compatible with TruShot Trigger Dispenser; EcoLogo UL 2759 certified; Cleaning ingredients: glycolic acid and citric acid; contains fragrance allergens

Category: Pack Size: 4 per Case

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