TruShot Trigger Dispenser 2.0



This heavy-duty trigger dispenser makes cleaning quick, safe, and easy. It provides full mobility to cleaning crews with no cables to trip over, heavy equipment to haul around, or easy-to-spill bottles.

With TruShot Trigger Dispenser 2.0, you won’t have to dilute or mix your products, either, because the device comes with a 10oz water reservoir which can be filled using any water source.

Simply attach a can of cleaning product to the bottom of the dispenser and spray away. That’s it – you want even have to get in direct contact with the chemical, and the device will dilute the concentrate for you. A 10oz bottle of concentrate can produce 18 quarts of cleaning fluid. The trigger on this device is durable and estimated to withstand hundreds of thousands of pulls.

The dispenser itself is just as heavy-duty – even after a 6-foot drop, it will still work as new.

TruShot’s easy-to-use, no-mess, and intuitive trigger dispenser will make any cleaning task a breeze. It is ideal for hospitals and other medical facilities, offices, retail stores, warehouses, hotels, schools, and any other venues that come to mind.


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Takes 10 fl. oz. cartridges; includes a 10 fl. oz. water reservoir that lasts for 300 pulls; trigger delivers 1 cc per pull;

Category: Pack Size: 1 per Case

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