You may think of going green as just another passing trend – something that will be out of style in a few years just like fringe and overalls.

The truth is that going green is here to stay, and it’s only going to becoming more important as time goes on. Despite what politicians and skeptics may say, climate change is real, and humans are partially responsible. By polluting our waters and depleting our natural resources, we run the risk of leaving future generations desolate.

Read on to learn why going green is so important as it is trendy and see how the Green Cleaning Association(GCA) can help your business announce itself as a partner in the fight for an environmentally friendly world.

History of Climate Change

According NASA – one of the most highly respected experts in this field – the parts per million level of carbon dioxide in the air skyrocketed after 1950. Before that year, the level never reached above 300 carbon dioxide parts per million.

So what happened and why does it matter? In the last 650,000 years, the earth has gone through seven cycles of glacial advancement and retreat. Many of the changes were caused by slight variations in the earth’s orbit.

After 1950,another industrial revolution took place. Now cars were so commonplace in the U.S. and other developed nations. Major factories produced our goods, taking our natural resources and returning harmful toxins to waterways.

All of the carbon dioxide in the air created a greenhouse effect. The carbon dioxide prevented the warm air from escaping the earth’s atmosphere and was instead rebounded back to earth, thereby warming it.

We can see evidence not only from the satellites orbiting the earth and collecting this data, but also in the form of ice cores in Greenland, Antarctica. These ice cores are shrinking at a rapid rate. Other large changes – which would probably happen naturally – are happening much quicker. Rather than than taking millions or thousands of years, these changes are happening in tens of years.

The science and evidence is there. If we don’t do something to lessen our impact on the earth, we could hurt our climate, the oceans and thousands of creatures who depend on the current climate. To learn more about climate change and all the major problems that come with it, head over to NASA’s website after you sign up with GCA.

How GCA Can Help

What GCA is doing is creating a community of like-minded customers, suppliers and business owners who share the same goal – to do their part to protect the environment against global warming and climate change. Customers pledge to use more green products and services, and business owners and suppliers pledge to employ more green practices and produce green products and services.

Customers will always have a place to go to search for green business owners and suppliers. When they buy from these companies, they’ll feel good knowing they’re choosing green products and services and promoting companies that hold those same green values.

As a business owner or supplier, your customers will know of your commitment the minute they see our logo – which we happily provide for free – on your promotional materials.

  1. Micheal C 4 years ago

    Excited about being able to make connections with other like minded individuals that care for the environment!

  2. Fred Fiddler 4 years ago

    Can Green Cleaning Association help me as a small business owner implement “green” practices and standards?

  3. Jim Jefferson 4 years ago

    Bakersfield Cleaning Supply would love to represent the Green Cleaning Association Logo!

  4. WilliamRoy 4 years ago

    Go Green and Save Green with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. Better than a Bidet it almost eliminates the need for toilet paper while providing superior, healthier hygiene. It requires no new plumbing and can fit in any bathroom, home or apartment.

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