It’s no secret that the Green Cleaning Association (GCA) is just starting out. We’re a relatively new organization bringing together customers, suppliers and business owners with one goal in mind – to promote green principles and in business and life.

You may be asking why join GCA? How will consumers benefit from a membership? What could this organization possibly offer that a business couldn’t get elsewhere?

In this post, we’ll show you how GCA can help a business flourish and a customer find a reputable green cleaner.

Join a Community

Before anything else, GCA is an online community committed to one thing: living in an environmentally conscious way. Our customers, suppliers and business owners know how important our earth is – from its water to its air – and they want to preserve the earth’s natural resources as much as possible.

When you join GCA as a customer, you’ll have access to a number of great businesses and suppliers who use environmentally friendly chemicals and have procedures in place to reduce their waste and carbon footprints. Whether you need to hire a cleaning service or purchase cleaning products, you can be certain the business owners and suppliers of GCA share your commitment and will provide you with environmentally friendly products and services.

As a supplier or business owner, you’ll have a new chance to reach prospective customers who are out searching for products and services just like yours. By joining GCA, you get additional exposure and the opportunity to connect with new customers. You can answer questions and show customers how dedicated your company is to promoting green principles and sustainable living ventures.

Enjoy Promotional Materials

You know your business employs green practices, but how do you show your commitment to new customers?

When you take the GCA pledge and begin using our free logo on your promotional materials, you’re further illustrating your commitment to environmentally friendly living. Your customers will know you care about protecting the earth, and our logo will reassure them of your commitment. If they ever have any questions about our logo, you can direct them to our website where your customers will see just how devoted your company is to green products and services.

Once you join our site, your business will be displayed in our directory, providing yet another link back to your website. This practice is great for search engine optimization, and it can help your website appear higher in Google search results.

Meet Like-Minded Suppliers

As a business owner, you want to find the best supplies that are not only affordable but also environmentally friendly. When labels can convoluted and misleading, it helps to know suppliers who are upfront and trustworthy, ones who produce exactly what they promise – green products.

As a GCA member, you’ll feel reassured working with suppliers who value the same green principles as you. When you buy from them, you’ll know their commitment to green products is genuine because they took the same pledge as you.

For any small business just starting to grow, GCA can help you get the word out about your business and promote it to people who are searching for green products and services. Customers can trust that these companies are making the same green pledge as they are and feel good about purchasing from or hiring them.

  1. Micheal C 4 years ago

    Green Cleaning Association is so awesome. Love to “achieve more” in saving our mother earth!

  2. Fred Fiddler 4 years ago

    That is great to see that every member takes the “Pledge” of Green Cleaning Association!

  3. Jim Jefferson 4 years ago

    Love to hear that my company has an opportunity of prospective customers to see my line of products.

  4. ioihofi ojoijoi 4 years ago

    Comment test

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